Ubisoft released Sports Party on Switch this week. Sports Party is a collection of sports mini-games designed for easy pick up and play in local multiplayer. It’s available exclusively on Switch for $39.99.

Sports Party includes six different outdoor sporting games: tennis, skateboarding, basketball, golf (nine holes), Frisbee, and Jet Ski races. All the sports are themed around a summer island theme, including beaches and sidewalks.

Up to four players can play together while the system is docked. Two players can compete together in handheld mode. The minigames utilize the built-in motion controls of the Joy-Con Switch controller.

Players can customize their own avatars with a variety of outfits. You’ll unlock more customizable options and outfits as you compete and win games.

Sports Party is the successor to the Wii-era sports minigames. Games like Wii Sports sold incredibly well and helped turn the Wii into a best-selling console thanks to the brief but explosive motion control craze. The games themselves were mostly shallow and not terribly well designed, however.

Note that Sports Party is local multiplayer only, with no online support.

Sports Party is available now on Switch. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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