Use Music to Save the World in Wandersong

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Digital PC store and sometimes publisher Humble Bundle has announced a release date for Wandersong, a “musical adventure game.” It’s coming September 27 on PC and Switch. Watch the new release date trailer above.

In Wandersong you play as a traveling bard who uses his voice to solve puzzles, help people, and ultimately save the world by collecting pieces of the legendary Earthsong. It features whimsy, and a custom singing wheel to produce different musical effects.

Wandersong has been in development for several years by a single developer, Greg Lobanov. Lobanov collaborated with sound designer Em Halberstadt (Night in the Woods) and musician A Shell in the Pit (Rogue Legacy) to help design the musical mechanics and songs. Wandersong successfully raised over $20,000 in early 2016 via Kickstarter.

It’s the latest game to be published under the semi-new Presented by Humble Bundle label. Previous indie games published by Humble include A Hat in Time, Aegis Defenders, and Cultist Simulator.

Wandersong is available for pre-purchase now on the Nintendo Switch eShop. It has not been rated by the ESRB, but the art and theme suggest a family-friendly tone. It’s out September 27 on PC (Windows and Mac) and Switch.

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