Little Dragon Cafe is now available on PlayStation 4 and Switch from Aksys Games. It’s created by Yasuhiro Wada, the original creator of the Harvest Moon series as well as Story of Seasons.

The story centers on two siblings, Ren and Rin, who must take over their family cafe after their mother falls into a deep sleep. You can choose to play as either sibling to manage the restaurant by preparing dishes, serving customers, and managing the staff.

The dragon part of the cafe isn’t just a cute title. While managing the family business, you’ll also engage in a little How to Train Your Dragon. The siblings will need to raise a young dragon in order to save their mother, naturally. Care for your baby dragon, help them hunt and explore, and watch them grow into an adult dragon companion. The dragon integrates with an Augmented Reality companion app, available on iOS and Android.

A physical Limited Edition is available for $79.99 for both PlayStation 4 and Switch. The Limited Edition features a large collectible box with 18 collector cards, a 17-track soundtrack CD, and an adorable plush baby dragon.

Little Dragon Cafe is available now. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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