German studios Headup Games and Studio Fizbin have released a new trailer explaining exactly why you should play The Inner World and its sequel The Last Wind Monk when it arrives on Switch August 3. Bask in its glorious hand-drawn 2D art in the trailer above.

The Inner World takes place in the world of Asposia, and stars Robert, a musician who uses his nose as a flute. When the winds disappear, Robert teams up with a thief named Laura and a flightless pigeon named Peck, and sets out on an adventure to save their world. In the sequel, Robert, Laura, and Peck return to stop the evil Emil from hunting all the wind monks in Asposia.

The art style features handmade, 2D, non-stereoscopic graphics, creating the unique appearance of a classically animated film. For adventure game neophytes, both games include an extensive hint system that provides progressively more detailed hints to solve puzzles.

The Inner World originally launched back in 2013 on PC and Mobile. It was ported to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2017 along with the arrival of the sequel, The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk.

Both games will launch on the Nintendo eShop for Switch on August 3. The Inner World is $11.99 while the more recent sequel is $14.99. Both games are rate E for Everyone for Mild Fantasy Violence and Mild Language.

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