Blizzard’s ongoing MOBA Heroes of the Storm is finally getting a Warcraft-themed battleground. The Echoes of Alterac event begins next week, adding the new Alterac Pass Battleground as well as the Dranei hero, Yrel.

The Echoes of Alterac event kicks off June 12 with the release of Yrel, the 80th hero to the HotS roster. Yrel is a defensive Warrior, who can support her team by healing allies and stunning enemies. She and her story (and the entire Dranei race) were originally introduced in the 2014 World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor.

June 19 will see the release of the new battleground, Alterac Pass. It’s based off the large 40 v 40 Alterac Valley PVP battleground from World of Warcraft. The HotS battleground features many of the same elements as its Warcraft inspiration, including prison camps, giant ice golems, and the leader generals in place of the standard cores.

The event will add a lot of new goodies that will appear in loot boxes, including portraits, sprays, skins, and mounts. The new skins are all inspired from Warcraft, with four Alliance skins for Auriel, Muradin, Varian, and Valeera, and four Horde skins for Junkrat, Rehgar, Garrosh, and Johanna.

You’ll be able to earn a selection of portraits, mounts, and banners by participating in the Battle for Alterac Pass event as follows, in order:

  • Play 4 games as a Warcraft hero.
  • Achieve 50 takedowns in winning games.
  • Play 6 games with friends.
  • Win 8 games as a Warcraft hero.

As an added bonus, while the event is running you will earn a 50% XP boost. The Echoes of Alterac event runs June 12 to July 9.

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