Newspaper and broadcast journalist Andy Robertson has launched a new book project on crowdfunding publishing site Unbound. The book is called Taming Gaming. It’s designed as a helpful guide for parents to navigate the daunting but ubiquitous world of video games. The 240-page book will be released in hardcover and digital ebook. Pre-orders are available now.

“Taming Gaming is an important and timely book,” said Beth Lewis, Commissioning Editor at Unbound. “The gaming recipes offer parents an easy way to get involved in their child’s hobby and start guiding them towards healthy habits.”

The book is aimed at both gaming and non-gaming parents to provide healthy and positive avenues of gaming instead of simply limiting screen time. The second half of the book is organized into “family gaming recipes” that offer step-by-step examples on how to approach specific games.

“I appreciate parents’ anxiety about this, but I’m also deeply grateful for what the skills and qualities that games have instilled in my children: curiosity, compassion, resilience, confidence, problem solving and patience,” said Robertson. “I wrote Taming Gaming as a father wanting to air the real headaches of video games in the home, but also as a journalist offering parents an accessible way to solve this problem,” said Robertson. “The ‘family gaming recipes’ do this perfectly.”

Robertson is probably best known for his YouTube channel, FamilyGamerTV. FamilyGamerTV is Europe’s largest family gaming channel, featuring insider looks, developer interviews, parental advice, and family-friendly gaming.

Unbound is a UK-based crowdfunding website that specializes in book publishing. Like Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites, multiple higher pledges are available for this campaign, including signed books, YouTube guest appearances, and school visits.

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