Celebrate Starcraft's 20th Anniversary with In-Game Goodies

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In today’s News That Makes Me Feel Old, the original Starcraft turns 20 years old this month. Never to miss a milestone, Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating the anniversary with in-game treats and goodies throughout all their ongoing games.

On March 30 and 31, Blizzard will host a special livestreaming event on Twitch.tv featuring famous StarCraft personalities and players. On March 31, a commemorative video, StarCraft is Life: A Celebration will be released on YouTube.

Check below for how Blizzard is celebrating the anniversary in each of their games. Note that the dates vary between games.

StarCraft: Remastered

Log in to Starcraft: Remastered after March 6 to grab a unique 20th’s anniversary skin for the entire UI.

StarCraft II

On March 6 get a new UI skin for each of the three races. If you log in between March 6 and April 3 you can also get a 20th anniversary portrait and decal.

Diablo III

Log in after March 6 to get a mini-Battlecruiser as a pet.


Log in between March 6 and April 3 to receive a Kerrigan Ghost skin for Widowmaker.

World of WarCraft

Use the /salute command between March 31 and April 6 on one of the StarCraft themed pets to receive the Salute to StarCraft achievement.

Heroes of the Storm

Log in between March 27 and April 7 to receive a 20th anniversary portrait of each of the three StarCraft races.


Play a special StarCraft themed Tavern Brawl between March 21-25 and receive three Kobolds & Catacombs card packs.

StarCraft launched on March 31, 1998. It’s widely considered one of the best real-time strategy games ever made, creating a global phenomenon in the esports arena, before ‘esports’ was even really a thing.

The long-awaited sequel finally launched in 2010, as part one of a trilogy. Two more stand-alone expansions launched in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Last year the original StarCraft got a major face lift with StarCraft: Remastered. The original StarCraft has since become free to play.

The StarCraft 20th anniversary events begin March 6.

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