Planet Coaster Anniversary Update Will Add a Scenario Editor

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It’s been one year since Frontier Development released Planet Coaster on PC. To celebrate, a big 1.4 Anniversary Update patch is arriving next week on November 22. The update will add new rides, buildings, scripts, and a scenario editor.

Many of these new features were revealed and announced during Frontier Expo last month. You can see the reveal video below. There’s a neat montage of user-created content starting around the seven minute mark.

The new scenario editor will let you create your own custom scenarios and share them with others through the Steam Workshop.

Frontier will host a livestream this Wednesday, November 15 which will show off the new scenario editor. The stream will be hosted by programmers Andrew Chappell and Bradley Pollard. A 1.4 launch day livestream will take place the following week, Wednesday, November 22. Lead artist Sam Denney will host, play the update, and discuss the game’s year-long post-launch journey.

Also included in the 1.4 Anniversary Update are three new rides and two new coasters: the Weisshorn (a classic spinning carnival ride), Monte Leone (smaller version of the Weisshorn), Hop the Gaps (side friction ride), and the Zenith and Cascade coasters. The Cascade is Planet Coaster’s first water coaster.

With 1.4 you’ll now be able to swap the background biome on the fly, instantly switching your forest park into desert, for example. Coasters will allow for custom text to appear on cars. Pathing barriers will let you better control the flow of guests. A Staff Management building lets your staff take breaks and receive training. And finally you can add picnic benches to your food courts and plazas.

The Planet Coaster 1.4 Anniversary Update arrives November 22. Planet Coaster is available for PC (Steam) and is rated E for Everyone.


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