Final Fantasy XIV Online has reached the fourth anniversary of its release in August of 2013. To celebrate the occasion, the community is putting together several weeks of special events, both in-game and out.

The developers are kicking things off with a 14-hour livestream from September 1st through the 2nd. During the stream, the dev team will be hosting talk sessions with special guests, in-game challenges, and a new installment of Letter from the Producer LIVE. Fans can check out the game’s official Twitch page here.

The stream will also showcase the newest patch of the game, version 4.1. Naoki Yoshida, producer and director, will be online to discuss Return to Ivalice, an upcoming 24-hour raid. Yasumi Matsuno, whose past works include games like Final Fantasy XII, is on board to write the raid’s scenario as a guest creator. He’ll join Yoshida in conversation about this new project.

The FFXIV Online team is also hosting a panel at PAX West on September 2nd. A member of the localization team, Koji Fox, will be there to talk localization, lore, and anything else the fans want to hear about. Twitch will be livestreaming the panel at 1PM PST through PAX’s account.

Finally, players can celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary by participating in “The Rising” seasonal event. The event, which launched last weekend, features new activities and unique items and rewards. There is also a sale at the Mega Mog Station happening now that runs through September 26th. Players can get up to 30% off on an array of items.

Any newcomers interested in checking out Final Fantasy XIV Online can take advantage of the free trial available here. The base game and its multiple expansions, including Stormblood, can be purchased through the Square Enix Online Store.

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