Planet Coaster Adds Upcoming Cedar Point Coaster Steel Vengeance

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Since its launch last fall Planet Coaster has released numerous seasonal updates and features. The latest free addition comes from a partnership with the proclaimed Roller Coaster Capital of the World, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

Cedar Point is debuting a new hyper-hybrid coaster named Steel Vengeance in Spring 2018. But you can see the coaster’s design in action in Planet Coaster today.

Steel Vengeance is a steel-wooden hybrid revamp of their famous wooden coaster Mean Streak. When it debuts next year Steel Vengeance will be the tallest, fastest, and longest hybrid roller coaster in the world.

The 1.3.6 update for Planet Coaster will add the Steel Vengeance blueprint to instantly place and ride. The blueprint includes Steel Vengeance’s ride entrance sign as well as Cedar Point logo placeable signs. Like any coaster blueprint, Steel Vengeance will be fully customizable.

Planet Coaster has released three major updates since launch, each adding significant features and new content. The Summer update added fireworks and ride sequencers, while the Spring update added crime and security.

Paid DLC has also been released. Frontier Developments partnered with classic brands like Back to the Future and Knight Rider to create bite-size aesthetic packs that add those classic vehicles. They can be placed and customzied like any scenery object, and used in place of the go-karts.

Planet Coaster is easily the best theme park sim you can play right now, and each update reaffirms that. You can read our review of Planet Coaster here.


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