Planet Coaster’s third post-launch seasonal update hits today. The Summer Update adds new rides and scenarios as well as fireworks and video billboards. Like the Winter and Spring Updates, the Summer Update is deployed as a free patch to all players.

Three new summer-themed Scenarios are being added: Miss Elly’s Diner, Goldmine Tower, and Starship Hangar. Miss Elly’s Diner is a remote location with a big wooden coaster waiting for success. Goldmine Tower is a mine turned tourist attraction with a Wild West flair. The Starship Hanger is another desert location where sci-fi blockbusters were filmed.

You’ll also find a new Custom option in the Sandbox and Challenge modes. Custom Biomes let you set your own terrain and background art. You can also change existing parks by holding CTRL when clicking Resume on your park.

Wooden rollercoasters can now be painted.

A new Display Sequencer lets you trigger objects in a sequence just as rides and coasters. You can chain multiple displays and schedule them to trigger at certain times and/or dates.

You’ll want to take advantage of the Display Sequencer with Fireworks, a new triggerable object that costs money each time they are launched. Fireworks boost guest happiness and include many different color options.

Video Billboards let you add custom video and image files into placeable billboard objects. Supported file types are WebM for video and JPG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP for images. Currently audio doesn’t work but Frontier hopes to add audio support later on. Billboards can also be triggered using the Display Sequencer.

The Summer Update also adds over 60 new scenery pieces, including 8 Fireworks blueprints and a Stars and Stripes scenery set celebrating America’s Independence Day (respectful tip of the cap to the UK-based developer).

Finally it wouldn’t be a Planet Coaster update without some new rides. The Iron Claw is an extreme thrill ride that spins guest along a pendulum. Black Out is an inverting swing-ship ride with a sci-fi theme. The Sky Watcher is a large tower that grants panoramic views of your park and is decidedly less extreme. New Coasters include Power Up (compact), Viper One (LIM shuttle), Gnarler (stylish wooden), De-Gen (boomerang looper), and Bolt (looping boomerang).

The Planet Coaster Summer Update is available now.


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