Bellevue’s Mox Boarding House has been a gathering place for gamers on Seattle’s Eastside ever since it first opened its doors. On May 21st,74 gamers came out to raise money for Treehouse, a Seattle organization that helps foster kids. This was the fourth annual charity event hosted by Mox and their charity branch, ENGAGE.

This year, gamers participated in a board game tournament called The Gauntlet: Infinity. Teams of four entered to compete against one another with a chance to win awards and prizes. Prior to the tournament, the teams spent six weeks gathering donations from friends, family, and other community members. Participants also contributed items for the raffle and auction held during the day-long event. Many team members showed up in elaborate costumes, ready to lead their team to victory.

In the past, Mox Boarding House’s ENGAGE has raised over $193,000 for a number of different non-profits. Child’s Play, Hopelink, and YouthCare are among those the organization has sought to benefit. This year’s The Gauntlet surpassed the success of the last few years, much to ENGAGE’s joy. They attribute this feat to the engagement of the teams who worked to get their employers to match donations. According to Program Manager Lyla Ross, this strategy helped secure an additional $10,000 in funds.

The recipient of these donations, Treehouse, works with foster kids across the state to ensure their well-being and future success. Their many programs help youth acquire clothing, pay for extra-curricular activities, provide them gifts during the holidays, and help them graduate high school on time. Check out Treehouse’s official website to learn more.

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