In what’s being humorously called “No Man’s Skylanders,” Ubisoft revealed an intriguing new toys-to-life space game called Starlink: Battle for Atlas during their E3 press conference. It’s coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in Fall 2018.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas’ toys are the spaceships you can assemble and customize, LEGO-style. You can make changes on the fly and the your ship will change along in game. In the trailer, the player was able to equip a fire weapon to take on an ice-resistant monster. In a bizarre twist your spaceship will attach directly to your controller, presumably to allow for easier in-game modification.

The Atlas Star System includes seven unique planets and the space that surrounds them. You can fully explore each planet with your ship on the surface or engage in dogfights in space. It’s an open world (galaxy?) that will react to the choices you make.

With Disney Infinity closing up shop last year and no new Skylanders game this year I was worried about the state of the toys-to-life genre. Starlink could be the antidote to a flailing genre.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas should arrive next Fall for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.


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