We Happy Few hasn’t even officially released yet, and it’s already being adapted into a feature film. Gold Circle Films and DJ2 Entertainment are partnering to produce a film based on the trippy, alternate 1960’s satirical setting developed by Compulsion Games.

“[DJ2 Entertainment] approached us enthusiastically and with really solid ideas about how to adapt our game to film, while retaining its menace, dark humor, and central themes,” said Compulsion Games head developer Guillaume Provost. “We’re gratified at how they and Gold Circle have taken to the project.”

We Happy Few drops you into a weird, isolated British town. Everyone takes a drug called Joy to forget and ignore the horrific post-war ruins around them. You play as someone who’s gotten off their Joy, and must navigate through the procedurally generated town and districts, crafting weapons and gear and trying to blend in while knowing the truth.

The title was first announced during last year’s E3 with a memorable trailer that serves as the game’s intro for one of the playable characters. It released on Steam Early Access later that Summer, with several big updates since. Read our initial Early Access preview here.

“Our commitment is to make a movie that remains true to and expands on its great source material,” says Dimitri M. Johnson, producer at DJ2 Entertainment.  Gold Circle’s Paul Brooks adds, “As a Brit and a fan of shows like The Prisoner, the game’s social satire resonated with me. I wanted this project immediately and am truly pleased a relationship with DJ2 and their Business Affairs exec, Howard Bliss, helped make that possible.”

DJ2 Entertainment may be one to watch for actual decent video game movies. They are currently producing a film based on the Sleeping Dogs action-crime game, as well as executive producing a Life is Strange film adaptation.

I may be wrong but this could be the first occurrence of a feature film based on an unreleased video game – though it’s very likely that the game will be out of Early Access by the time the film is released. From what I’ve played of We Happy Few the story beats and setting could make for an excellent film. Hopefully it won’t fall victim to the usual mediocrity that surrounds video game film adaptations.

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