You may not have heard of Subset Games but you should know about FTL. FTL was a rogue-like space ship simulator that initially launched in 2012 to a wave of praise from critics and fans. Since then Subset Games have ported FTL to iPad along with an Advanced Edition that resembled a free expansion pack.

Now the tiny two-person team have announced their next title – Into The Breach.

Into The Breach is a sci-fi, single-player tactical adventure that pits your powerful mech soldiers against gigantic insects that have emerged from the Earth, the Vek. Similar to FTL the graphics and combat use a minimalist pixelated approach. Combat is turn-based and takes place on small grid-like maps. The gameplay looks a lot like beloved handheld tactical series Advance Wars.

Each playthrough presents a new randomly generated world. Into the Breach also includes a unique time-travel feature built into the story. If (or when) you lose a battle, you can use it to send help and save another timeline.

Into the Breach

FTL’s composer Ben Prunty returns, as well as RPG writer Chris Avellone (Pillars of Eternity). If you don’t recognize those names know they are very talented people.

Subset Games have been working on Into the Breach since Summer of 2014. They have not included a release date with the announcement, only “when it’s ready.” It’s currently being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux.

To celebrate the announcement, you can pick up FTL for 75% off on PC and iPad. Note that the PC version’s sale price is only available through Subset Games’ own digital store, not Steam.

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