Bossa Studios is introducing a new game to its array of diverse indie titles. Decksplash is a 3v3 competitive experience that blends Fingerboard skateboarding with arena arcade gameplay. In the game, players control their boards to paint the world and mark their turf. Players can also rack up points by performing tricks and combos, and by chaining those combos together. When the match ends, the team that has covered the most area in paint wins.

Decksplash’s developers are responsible for other games like Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread, two indie titles that made a splash when they first dropped. Decksplash is taking the studio in a slightly different direction by capitalizing on the recent success of the arcade multiplayer genre. The devs are promising that Decksplash will have completely responsive controls so that players have a fun experience instead of a frustrating one as they learn how to perform tricks.

Decksplash doesn’t have a set release date yet, but anyone interested can sign up to be an alpha playtester through the game’s official website. In spring of this year, the game will be available for Early Access on Steam. Until then, Bossa Studios has released a trailer for Decksplash that can be viewed here.

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