Ubisoft announced that a Closed Beta for upcoming hack and slash action game For Honor will run later this month. The announcement comes with a new cinematic trailer, “The Thin Red Path.”

The Closed Beta will run from January 26th-29th. To get in you will need to register on the For Honor website. Signing up offers no guarantees to get into the Closed Beta.

Along with the Closed Beta, Ubisoft is hosting a limited event called War of the Factions. The event will track all multiplayer activity and give out rewards for the winning faction between the Knights, Samurai, and Vikings.

Everyone who participates in the Closed Beta will earn The Emblems of Old. These are unique emblem designs you can decorate weapons and armor with. The reward for the winning faction of the event hasn’t yet been revealed. These rewards are only available during the Closed Beta and will transfer to the full game.

For Honor takes place in a unique fantasy medieval setting that features the three warrior factions battling each other. For Honor will include a single player campaign as well as online multiplayer. Players can choose among several different classes and playstyles within each faction. The gameplay features a unique dueling system called Art of Battle that looks closer similar to an intricate fighting game.

For Honor was originally announced at E3 2015. It will arrive worldwide on February 14th, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. Because nothing says Valentine’s Day like blood-thirsty anachronistic armies cutting each other to pieces.

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