Escape rooms have been growing in popularity lately. These real life games place a number of players in a room and they have to work together to find a way to get out. Nintendo has obviously been paying attention to the trend because they’ll be doing a limited tour of “escape events” based on the Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo is stressing that is not a traditional escape room experience. They’re not going to lock anyone in a room. The announcement came on Twitter

The game is called Defenders of the Triforce. You can play forming a team of six players and picking up some tickets. If you’re unable to get that many people on your team, the facilitators will try to help you out. Each team will be seated at a table, and after getting a rundown of the story, you need to get and explore the room to find what you need. A solution walkthrough will be given at the end of the event to help any team who wasn’t able to escape. After the escape, players get to hang out in a Zelda-themed room with trailers and Zelda merchandise for sale.

Tickets can be purchased now for the events that have been confirmed on the official site. You can buy tickets now for San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego. Other cities on the docket that don’t have confirmed dates yet are Seattle, Houston, Chicago and New York.


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