Oasis Games has a slate of games on the way for the PlayStation VR when it launches next month. The company’s game Ace Banana has been confirmed as a day-one release for the system.

In Ace Banana, you play as a banana archer and must defend the bananas from a horde of monkeys dead set on stealing them all. Oasis Games is a developer from China and released the first Chinese-developed game for the PlayStation 4 called Koi. Koi was a simple and charming game where you played as koi, swimming around a pond and collecting more koi as part of a color puzzle. Now the company has the largest PlayStation VR line-up of any third-party developer.

“We are immensely proud to have a strong and diverse PS VR lineup to offer players starting with our October launch titles,” said Alen Wu, Global Business Director for Oasis Games in an official release. “On October 13, we look forward to having our fun arcade archery game, Ace Banana out, with our shoot-em-up Pixel Gear and the dark, story driven psychological adventure, Weeping Doll to follow in the coming weeks in October. It’s going to be a great month for VR fans!”

Other games Oasis has in the works are Pixel Gear, Weeping Doll, DYING: Reborn, and Mixip. The PlayStation VR is scheduled to launch on October 13.


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