Capcom has announced today that the Resident Evil 7 demo is finally getting an update. The demo, which is known as Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour, has been out since June for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The teaser broke records during the first week of its release and was hugely successful in drumming up hype for the upcoming Resident Evil 7. Now, all PlayStation 4 users will have a chance to play the expanded “Twilight” version of the demo.

Beginning Hour was created to give players a feel for the new direction that Resident Evil 7 is taking. In the teaser, the male protagonist explores a creepy, decrepit house in first-person. While players can uncover hidden items and multiple endings, Beginning Hour is by and large a brief experience. The new update will let players explore more of the mansion and hopefully add a few more tidbits for fans to discover.

The full Resident Evil 7 is also available for pre-order and will be released on January 24th. All pre-order purchases come with a Survival Pack that contains healing items and an extra-hard difficulty mode. The deluxe edition includes a season pass that gives customers access to three additional story episodes. Since the third episode is a recent bonus, the deluxe edition’s price has jumped up to $89.99 USD. However, anyone who has already purchased the deluxe edition will receive the extra content free of charge.

The updated demo will be available to download on PS4 starting September 15th. A new trailer (above) for the full game has also dropped which showcases the Baker family in their derelict Louisiana home.

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