This Summer’s big screen Warcraft Movie may have bitten off a bit more than it could chew. Blizzard’s grandiose and often downright goofy fantasy mythology presented a difficult draw for anyone who was not already familiar with the likes of Medivh, Gul’Dan, and Azeroth.

Though it failed to impress U.S. audiences and critics, the film was a big hit in China. Globally it is the largest grossing video game film in history.

The Warcraft movie was released today for digital download in HD. If you can wait two weeks, however, you can net a host of bonus features and digital goodies with the upcoming physical release on September 27.

Bonus features include deleted scenes, Making Of videos, and a gag real. Exclusive to the Blu-Ray editions are a motion comic and a massive multi-part feature that focuses on different elements of making the film, including casting, visual effects, and stunt work.

warcraft movie

Blizzard likes to cross-pollinate their game releases with free content to other games – and this movie release is no different. The initial batch of physical versions will include several codes for other Blizzard games:

  • Medivh Hero in Hearthstone
  • Gul’Dan Hero in Heroes of the Storm
  • Digital Copy of World of Warcraft with 30 days of game time and all expansions up to (but not including) Legion

Director Duncan Jones has teased the existence of a longer, extended edition of the film. There’s been no official news if this Director’s Cut will ever be released, however.

Warcraft is available in DVD, Blue-Ray, 3D, and 4K formats. The fantasy action film is rated PG-13 for “intense fantasy violence.”

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