When I picked up the controller to start playing a game called Everything, I was a little bit lost. I was controlling an island, which seemed a little bit weird but also intriguing. After some brief guidance by the demoer I realized that in Everything, you can play as virtually everything.

The end game in Everything is getting to heaven. But the path toward that goal is long and will require a lot of insight from around the world, by a variety of different places. The main gameplay aspect here is to move around and “descend” or “ascend” into different objects while collecting “thoughts” from items in the world. For example when I descended from my floating island, I turned into a piece of seaweed. Descending further turned me into a fish scale. Ascending from there made me a fish. Each time I changed form, I unlocked an entire group of things. For example once I was playing as a clam, I unlocked the entire crustacean group.

You can listen to the thoughts of objects by getting close to them. Some of these thoughts will be complex or sage advice. Others are as simple as a greeting. Finding special thoughts marked by different icons, will give you information that can be used on your quest to heaven. You can take a look at all of the thoughts you’ve collected and see if there might be some connection between them and how that might play into the larger goal.

I’m sure heaven is very nice, but I found the game to be a simply relaxing experience. I could easily see this game as a way to unwind after a long day. Moving from thing to thing happens at a slow enough pace to let you travel around and enjoy the feeling of being something else. One thing that can be said about the game is that it’s definitely unique.

Everything doesn’t have a release date yet, but will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC.


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