AbleGamers has partnered with Twitch to turn the spotlight on streamers in the AbleGamers community. The organization is known for its efforts to provide support and outreach for gamers with disabilities. 

From Monday to Friday, Twitch will be hosting a week-long event for those interested in educating themselves and backing the community. Viewers can tune in to watch Twitch streamers who have a physical disability play games and talk about the challenges they’ve overcome to be a part of the gaming community. AbleGamers hopes to pass on the message that video games are for everyone, regardless of their disability.

You can show your support by tuning in starting today. Below is the full schedule as well as links to each of the featured streamers’ Twitch channels:

Monday, August 22nd: halfcoordinated at 6:00am PST
Thumblessgaming at 4:30pm PST
Tuesday, August 23rd: Blindgamer102 at 4:00pm PST
Wednesday, August 24th: CombodudeTheGamer at 12:00pm PST
Thursday, August 25th: DeafGamersTV at 3:00pm PST
Friday, August 26th: CrippledKenny at 6:00pm PST

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