Sony has just announced the games that will be available for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers next month. Here’s the list:

For PlayStation 4

  • Tricky Towers
  • Rebel Galaxy

For PlayStation 3

  • Yakuza 5
  • Retro/Grade

For PlayStation Vita

  • Patapon 3

For all three consoles

  • Ultratron

The PlayStation Blog describes a couple of the games:

“Tricky Towers is a physics-based puzzler that’s at its best when you’re competing against friends. With local and online multiplayer for two to four players, the game shines as you race to stack your tower while casting spells to disrupt your opponents. The gameplay is fast, fun, and addictive, as you’ll find yourself coming back for more.”

“Take the helm of a massive destroyer in Rebel Galaxy as you make your reputation through trade, by being a work-for-hire mercenary or a swashbuckling pirate. In a procedurally generated universe, no two star systems are the same and there’s always something new to discover.”


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