I wish I were in Sweden this weekend to see this: the rollout of a test version of a VR viewer in McDonald’s restaurants. That’s right, for about $4, Swedes will be able to purchase a VR viewer. It’ll be as easy as 1, 2, 3 for parents to fold up the red cardboard viewer, insert their smartphone, and hand the virtual reality viewer to their toddlers to try out.

AdWeek reports that the VR viewers, called Happy Goggles, will be available for a limited time. The opportunity coincides with a traditional Swedish ski holiday, and kids will be able to use the Happy Goggles to play a skiing-themed game.

The Happy Goggles website explains the rationale for McDonald’s leap into virtual reality: “It’s our mission to ensure that the World’s most famous box will continue to be magical and relevant to families for another 30 years. The Happy Meal simply must move with the times. But evolution doesn’t always mean radical change. For us it meant a bit of ripping, folding and sliding. Meet Happy Goggles—a unique VR viewer made from an ordinary Happy Meal box. We believe the possibilities are endless.”

The game is called Slope Stars. It looks like a VR endless runner game and has the distinction of being endorsed by the Swedish Alpine Ski Team. Apparently the game teaches kids that it’s good to avoid obstacles on the slopes. There’s nothing wrong with that, I guess.

Happy Goggles Slope Stars

Slope Stars encourages you to avoid obstacles on the slopes. Good plan!

The Happy Meal Happy Goggles will be available in selected Swedish McDonald’s restaurants through March 13. If they’re a hit, I imagine we might see a wider release.

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