Coleco Kills Chameleon Console

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coleco chameleon

Classic gaming and computer company Coleco has officially severed ties with RetroVGS in the production of the Coleco Chameleon. The Chameleon was supposed to be a console that would be centered around playing retro-style games in a throwback cartridge format.

The console has run into a lot of problems since it was shown at the Toy Fair last month. Reports that the console was simply a SNES jr. with a different casing and further speculation about a DVR capture card caused Coleco to take a second look at the console that bore its name. They have now found that the Chameleon is not something they want to be associated with.

In an update on their Facebook page, Coleco said, “Retro VGS has decided that the work that they have created is not sufficient to demonstrate at this time. Consequently, we can no longer proceed with the project and the Chameleon project will be terminated. This separation is amicable. We wish them luck in the future. ”

In addition to the claims that console wasn’t what it seemed, a major member of the RetroVGS team left the company eariler this week. Without the backing of Coleco it’s not likely another company will take up the mantle, especially amid all of the controversy.

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