Oculus partner Samsung is getting ready to release two new smartphone models that will come with the Samsung Gear VR bundled together if you pre-order one of the phones.

Called the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the phones will contain a better camera, better battery and more memory. As another incentive to get people to pre-order Samsung is also throwing a bundle of six made-for-VR games. Exactly what games you’ll get depends on your carrier.

The Gear VR was released last year as a standalone product and typically retails for about $100. The headset is the handiwork of both Oculus and Samsung. When they announced the partnership in 2014, the breakdown was going to be that Samsung would develop the hardware and Oculus would provide the software (which is different than what you’ll see with the Oculus Rift, of course.)

The app store for Gear VR already has a hefty 200 apps and games available for purchase now, with lots more in development, including some multiplayer games.

This is just one in a growing number of VR headsets that will be in consumers’ hands this year. The competition is already heating up. We’ll have to see if the market can bear all of the options or if one headset will come out on top.

The smartphone VR bundle will be available on Februrary 23.

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