Gaming companies are starting to realize how important talent is to their success. Because of this, many are starting to review their parental leave policies to give new parents more of a chance to bond with their children without the worry that they’ll need to return to quickly to make ends meet. Unity is the latest company to join in. In a blog post, the company says that with their improved parental leave policy, they’re trying to eliminate the stigma against taking time off to raise newborns.

Their new policy says their U.S. employees who are legal parents of a newborn or newly adopted child can now take 12 weeks of fully paid leave. They will also have the option to work part-time for an additional 8 weeks, while receiving full-time pay.

“This policy takes a page from the handbook of countries such as Sweden–one of the most gender equal countries in the world–where men take a distinctly active role in raising children., said a company representative in an official release. “Whether a mother, father, same sex or heterosexual couple, birth parent or adopter, we want all our employees to have the flexibility and time to bond during this important life event.”

Unity says they are committed to fostering an equal and inclusive work environment. While this policy is specifically for U.S. employees, the company says they offer generous parental leave in the other countries they operate, and that they are currently working to update their parental leave guidelines worldwide.

Unity is the second gaming company to take a closer look at parental leave guidelines. Earlier this month, Electronic Arts also debuted an extended parental leave policy.

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