The Journey LIVE Kickstarter has met and outstripped its funding goal. (Yes, Journey the video game–not the other Journey.)

With 28 days to go, Journey LIVE raised $15,000 of a $5,000 goal. The funding will bring Journey’s music, as played by a live ensemble, to four cities in early 2016.

The tour begins at MAGFest on February 20, then hits Chicago on February 28. You can catch it in Boca Raton, FL on April 9, and Springfield, IL on April 16.

The music will be played by the Fifth House Ensemble, a Chicago-based group. The musicians will play the soundtrack in time with the game being played on a big screen. This version of the game contains only the environmental sound effects–the chirps of your hooded main character, the shifting sand, the wind, etc. The musicians will respond to the player’s in game actions just as the game’s soundtrack normally would.

Players for each performance will be selected through a series of competitions, the first of which was held on January 17. MAGFest attendees can compete to play the MAGFest show at the beginning of the festival.

The ensemble has said that additional funds beyond the goal will go to bringing the tour to more cities. There’s no need to doubt how beloved Journey still is almost four years after its release.

The soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy, the first video game soundtrack to receive that honor.

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