Oculus Rift is facing several legal claims against its makers, which is unsurprising given the attention the device has received in general. Oculus is already combatting one lawsuit from Zenimax, which claims Oculus outright stole VR technology. But a new suit has come to the surface, this one aimed directly at Palmer Luckey, the found of Oculus. And a judge says this one can move forward.

The suit comes from a company called Total Recall. They allegedly hired Luckey to help them develop a VR headset. They claim he had signed a confidentially agreement, but went on to use all of the feedback and information that the company provided in creating the Oculus Rift.

Total Recall filed numerous claims against Luckey, but the only one the judge allowed to continue was the breach of contract claim. Meanwhile, Luckey called the suit “a brazen attempt to secure for itself a stake in Oculus VR’s recent multi-billion dollar acquisition by Facebook.”

The Zenimax suit is still waiting to be heard by a judge, so we don’t know whether that one will move forward or not. Zenimax claims that John Carmack and a number of other employees who left Zenimax to work for Oculus took a lot of information with them.

Since the lawsuits seem to be pouring in, we may see even more come to the surface before the Oculus Rift launches later this year.

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