Skylanders Inquirer has delivered our first meaningful look at the upcoming trading card game, Skylanders Battlecast.

Jason Grier reports that there will be 270 cards available at four different rarity levels: Common, Rare, Epic, and Ultimate. They’ll also fall into four categories.

Character cards are used to summon a Skylander to the field. Spell cards will cast spell attacks on enemies. Relic cards can be played to change the gameplay. And finally, Gear cards upgrade your Skylanders’ powers.

The cards will be available in Booster Packs (which contain 8 cards each) and Battle Packs (which contain 22 cards).

The Battle Packs also contain a “Trading Shield,” which is a sleeve that goes around the edges of the card. This is so that the cards, which are scanned into your device to play the game, can be posted online without fear of anyone snagging the card’s unique code, which is on the edge of each card. The Trading Shield still allows the face of the card to be seen.

As we saw in the ever-incredible first trailer for Skylanders Battlecast, you can use the camera on your tablet to capture the card for the digital card game.

You can check out pictures of the cards and see which Skylanders are confirmed for Skylanders Battlecast at Skylanders Inquirer.

For Grier’s New Zealand source, the card packs cost about $5.45 for the Booster Pack, and $11.64 for the Battle Pack. Skylanders Battlecast cards also come with the Starter Pack for Skylanders SuperChargers, as well as with the separately sold figures.

There’s still a few things I want to know, like what happens when you get a double.

Gameplay seems pretty straightforward at this point. It’s a lot like Hearthstone, but on a 3D field instead of a flat one. In this screenshot from the trailer you can see Spyro facing off against Pain-Yatta. The player has what we now know are Spell cards in their hand.

Skylanders BattleCast cards

Skylanders Battlecast will come out in 2016.

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