The heir to one of the greatest earworm songs in history is on its way to your smartphone. It’ll be called Tap My Katamari and it’ll be available on iOS and Android. Yay, I guess? The original Katamari Damacy theme song knew just how to get stuck in your head, and the smartphone version promises to follow in its footsteps.

Katamari Damacy is an iconic puzzle game that consists of rolling objects up into a ball while catchy music plays. There’s a story to it, too.  After the King of All Cosmos accidentally destroys all of the stars in the sky, he commissions his son the Prince of All Cosmos to make new stars by rolling up random stuff with sticky balls called Katamari. For the game’s final level, you must help the Prince of All Cosmos replace the moon with the biggest Katamari yet, which is large enough to pick up entire islands. This all goes on while two Japanese children travel with their mother to watch their father take off on a space shuttle to visit the moon. When the moon disappears, his mission is cancelled. At the end, the family is rolled into the Katamari, which replaces the moon.

It’s not clear yet whether the gameplay on this new smartphone version will live up to the original PlayStation 2 game, but we hope it will.

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