Polygon’s Brian Crecente reports that the PlayStation VR headset will connect to a processing box which hooks up to the PS4.

The retail version will be “about the size of a Wii.”

All the graphics processing is being handled by this box, and that will free up the PS4 to power a second screen on the TV. That means one player can use the PlayStation VR headset while friends watch or interact through the PS4 itself. Though some might balk at having yet another box and cables to contend with, this setup will allow Sony to make the most powerful headset possible; it’s also possible that that higher processing power and lower latency will result in less motion sickness for users.

The PlayStation VR has been the most comfortable of the VR headsets Crecente has tried. The headband is designed so that it rests against your forehead, rather than wrapping around your head like ski goggles.

“It feels like a device designed to be treated like a game controller or a remote; something that you can pick up and put on with out much fuss,” Crecente writes.

A promotional video released by Sony in early November promises a 5.7 inch, 1080p OLED display, and a 120hz refresh rate with little latency. It’s easily the most futuristic looking of the VR headsets, with its slick white coloring and multiple LEDs.

At PlayStation Experience this month, Sony demo’d a lot of VR titles, including Media Molecule’s Dreams and the upcoming Rez Infinite.

PlayStation VR is expected to come out in early 2016, and it does not yet have a retail price.

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