A new version of the venerable game Rez, called Rez Infinite, is being released for PlayStation VR. This game really is perfect for a virtual reality platform… as long as you don’t have issues with motion sickness.

If you were around to play games during the Sega Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 era, then you’ve probably heard how awesome Rez was, because of how unique it was. In case you’ve never heard of it, Rez is an on-rails shooter without regular sound effects. The game uses electronic music that changes based on the player’s actions. It was a very well-loved game. An HD version was released for Xbox Live Arcade in 2008 and that version of the game holds an 89/100 score on Metacritic. The game was developed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who also developed other music games back in the day, including the popular Dreamcast title, Space Channel 5. He was the head and co-founder of Q Entertainment, a studio that became famous for its music games like Lumines, a popular game on the PlayStation Portable and Meteos, which appeared on the Nintendo DS.

Eventually Mizuguchi left Q as the company shifted its focus away from music games, according to an interview with Polygon. And he actually left making games altogether for a few years. But he’s now founded Enhance Games, which is developing Rez Infinite.

Rez Infinite was unveiled at the 2015 PlayStation Experience, with a video of the game being played in VR by some people wearing trippy illuminating outfits. But, to be fair, those costumes did fit with the visual style of the game. Luckily, that suit won’t be required to play the game in VR. Also, the game will also be available without VR.

One piece of information we don’t have is a release date, so we’ll just have to stay tuned.

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