Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these months you’d play Tearaway Unfolded yet.

Well you should! Media Molecule is putting out two DLC packs to dress up your PlayStation 4, and your messenger. You might recognize Tearaway Unfolded as my favorite game. It’s a reimagining of the original Tearaway, which came out in 2013 for the PlayStation Vita. Tearaway Unfolded is for the PlayStation 4, and expands on the journey of you and your messenger with new levels and challenges.

The first DLC released today is a dynamic theme for the PS4 called “The Gopher Show.” It includes four PS4 avatars and, most importantly, a dynamic theme for your homescreen that changes from day to night. The background of the theme is a snowy Gibbet Hill, which is one of my favorite levels of Tearaway. Gibbet Hill marks the end of the first third of Tearaway. It’s a winding mountain path that takes you to the summit, and tests all the skills that the player has learned at that point in the game. It also has one of the best songs on Tearaway’s soundtrack.

Tearaway Unfolded Dynamic Theme PS4

Gibbet Hill is beautiful and terrible.

Media Molecule says that when you scroll down to expand the menu, you’ll be presented with a stage show performed by Tearaway’s gophers.

The Gopher Show is a free download from the PlayStation Store, and it’s available today!

Speaking of the soundtrack though, Media Molecule just released it on iTunes and the PlayStation Store. According to Media Molecule, over an hour of new music was added to Tearaway Unfolded from composers Brian D’Oliveira and Kenneth Young. In 2013, the original Tearaway’s soundtrack was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Music, and Young and D’Oliveira felt they had a lot to live up to.

“Whilst we reworked and augmented some of the music to make it a better fit for the larger world in Unfolded, for the most part we were writing brand new material,” they told Media Molecule’s Jenny Lawrence. “There’s over an hour of new music in the game, which is actually kinda crazy, but it’s also a pretty good metric for understanding how different Tearaway Unfolded is on PlayStation 4 compared to Tearaway on PS Vita!”

Tearaway Unfolded Santas

I dig the Santa-face.

The second DLC pack is full of holiday costumes and items for your messengers to wear in-game.

It includes, “a jolly Santa, a frosty Snowman, a merry Elf, and a friendly Reindeer.”

The decorations included are a candy cane, a Christmas tree, Christmas pudding, a stocking, a wreath, a holly leaf, an ivy leaf, and…a gift!

So, that’s adorable. This DLC costs $0.99, and it’s also available today. The costumes are really cute, though the reindeer falls more on the “terrifying” side of friendly. I love iota’s Santa face though.

Tearaway Unfolded reindeer

I mean that’s something.

One last thing: Tearaway Unfolded now has a SHAREFactory Theme too, which means you can use the PS4 SHAREFactory to make sweet Tearaway Unfolded videos and get rich and famous. Media Molecule’s Video Editor Dan Castro put together a tutorial if you’re interested.

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