The Duke Nukem-esque Bombshell is coming out on January 29, Interceptor Entertainment announced.

Bombshell is an Unreal-powered action RPG, which was born from the framework of Interceptor’s scrapped Duke Nukem game. Rather than throwing away everything they’d done, the developers reworked it into Bombshell, the story of a Global Defense Force colonel looking for vengeance. And helping save the President. In space!

The colonel, Shelley Harrison, has a weaponized mechanical arm due to an accident, and players can upgrade her arm over the course of the game.

The Digital Deluxe Edition of the game comes with extra loot: “We wanted to pack as much value for players into our Digital Deluxe edition as we possibly could” says 3D Realms CEO Mike Nielsen. “For a few extra bucks, you’re getting a bad-ass soundtrack, a hi-res digital art book, BETA access to a nostalgia-inducing Bombshell FPS Prequel game, and more.”

Bombshell’s soundtrack was composed by Andrew Hulshult. The art book includes game maps, and more. So what about that prequel?

Interceptor is planning to release a first-person shooter that follows the story of how Shelley Harrison, AKA Bombshell, lost her arm in an ill-fated mission. It intentionally calls back to the classic Duke Nukem games, and was created in the same engine that produced Duke Nukem 3D and  Shadow Warrior. It features competitive multiplayer. When it comes out, the Bombshell prequel will be sold separately, but players who buy the Digital Deluxe Edition will be able to get into the multiplayer beta test.

Bombshell is coming out globally on Windows PC via Steam and GOG on January 29, 2016.  Console editions will be arriving sometime later next year. We know for sure it will be on PlayStation 4, but Xbox One is unconfirmed.

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