All the ads in Fallout 4 display the Vault-Tec phone number. Did you know it’s a real number? Here’s what happens when you call it, courtesy of Polygon:

We’ve actually known about it for a few years now. The number was featured in 2008’s Fallout 3 trailer at E3, and evidently Bethesda has kept it active…just in case.

Fallout  is a wildly popular M-rated video game series. Fallout 4 is the fifth major installment in the series after Fallout New Vegas (hence the numbering mismatch). The game takes place in 2077, 200 years after a nuclear holocaust that left the world devastated. You emerge from an underground bunker—Vault 111—in post-apocalyptic Boston. You’re completely alone at first, having lost your family, but as the game progresses you pick up companions, including a faithful dog friend.

Fallout 4, like the other Fallout games, is an open-world game with quests. Enemies include mole rats and feral ghouls.

The game’s music is an important feature; the soundtrack includes a mix of familiar tracks from the jazz and early rock ‘n’ roll eras, as well as more obscure songs. Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame provides original music and voice talent, too.


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