You don’t have to wait for Black Friday. Amazon will be offering daily and hourly deals on tons of stuff from now until November 26.

They also confirmed that the Black Friday sales on will last an entire week, as will the Cyber Monday sales.

The sales are here, and they’re not actually terrible like Amazon’s Prime Day sale. Notably, I found sales on LeapPad Learning tablets for kids. Those are lightning sales, so jump on that and keep an eye out for later additions to Amazon’s pre-Black Friday sales. The LeapPad 3 is currently discounted to $64.99 from $99.99.

There are also deals on 1TB external hard drives, Windows 10 laptops, and gaming headsets. The new Michael Jordan edition of NBA2k16 is on sale for $59.99, which is…how much the game usually costs. Okay, that’s fine, it’s a special thing, we get it. Check out the PC and video games section: they have a couple discounts going on Xbox One with Kinect, and a Kinect on its own.

We’ll leave you to shopping! Good luck.

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