During a Wall Street Journal event Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the new Apple TV will go on pre-sale on Monday. Units will be shipping out by the end of next week.

The Apple TV caused a splash during Apple’s September event with the  demonstration of its completely new UI, touch remote control, and gaming capabilities.

Old models of the Apple TV are only capable of streaming video. They used Apple’s 32-bit A5 chip which was first used in the iPhone 4S. Things have come a long way since then. The 64-bit processor that powers the iPhone 6 will be used in the new Apple TV. Its new operating system, tvOS, integrates Siri’s voice control.

The new Apple TV also includes the App Store, which brings iOS games to the television. Games will be playable with your phone or with the new Siri Remote that comes with Apple TV.

This new remote is another game-changer, as it were. It might not revolutionize gaming on the TV (there are concerns about forcing apps to be compatible with the remote) but it is definitely a big step for Apple TV. Especially if you’re familiar with the old remote.

This new Bluetooth-enabled remote has a glass touch surface on the upper half of the remote, which lets users play touch-controlled games. The remote can turn sideways and its play/pause and volume buttons can also be used in gameplay. It’s a different paradigm from what gamers are used to, to be sure.

We know so far that iOS games like Crossy Road will be on Apple TV, as well as big toys-to-life games like Disney Infinity 3.0 and Skylanders SuperChargers. The latter two come with a bluetooth controller in their iOS version, so the remote will be less of a big deal. Harmonix is also making a game specifically for Apple TV, called Beat Sports. It’s a sci-fi rhythm game where the player hits baseballs in time with the music. For more on games that will be on Apple TV, click here.

The Apple TV will cost $149 for the 32GB model, and $199 for the 64GB model.

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