A matchfixing scandal in the ranks of Korean Starcraft II pro-gaming has led to the arrest of at least 12 individuals, including players, coaches, and programmers, as well as one journalist who acted as a broker. Two individuals have already received a lifetime ban by KeSPA (the Korean eSports Association): player YoDa and coach Gerrard, both of whom are members of the same StarCraft 2 team, Prime. The original statement is in Korean only, but further details can be found over at the Team Liquid forums.

A total of five pro Starcraft II matches were found to be fixed upon investigation, taking place in GSL and Proleague matches between January and June of this year. Translations via Team Liquid indicate that brokers and gamblers may have made up to 40,000,000 KRW (over $35,000) on matches. Coach Gerrard is responsible for hooking up players with brokers. Evidently he’s also accused of illegal internet gambling.

Betting in eSports is more lucrative in South Korea than it is in North America, and this isn’t the first time matchfixing has been a problem. KeSPA’s statement indicates that they will not only be issuing lifetime bans for matchfixing, but that they will also be pursuing legal damages against individuals in the name of eSports’ reputation.


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