Adding to their already vast library of games for preschoolers, Sago Sago is launching a new app in their Sago Mini line this week. Called Sago Mini Babies, the app will have kids taking care of baby versions of popular Sago characters—Robin (a bird), Jinja (a cat), Harvey (a dog) and Jack (a rabbit). Each baby character will have its own needs and personality, adding some depth to the gameplay.

“Babies was inspired by an adorable bulldog puppy who visited the Sago Sago team one day. He brightened our day with his curiosity and playful spirit,” said technical artist Vanessa Logan in an official release. “After that, we knew baby versions of Harvey, Robin, Jinja and Jack would make great additions to the Sago Mini world and that kids would love them. The team created lively babies who giggle, cry and react to all your actions.”

The game will have eight activities for kids to do. These include feeding, bathing and playing dress-up. Like in all Sago Mini games, there will also be some unexpected things that happen from time to time. My daughter, Ana, loves all of the Sago Mini apps. I haven’t downloaded one that she hasn’t completely adored. The Sago Mini apps are more fun than they are educational. The things they teach, like exploration and creativity, are more subtle than your traditional core skills. But I don’t see that as a drawback at all. I love sitting next to my daughter as she plays them.

Sago Mini Babies will follow the same presentation as all of the other Sago Mini apps. There will not be any in-app purchases or third-party advertising (the games feature ads for other Sago Mini games on the launch screen).  Look for a demo of the game on our next episode of Ana’s Apps, and check out our demos of Sago Mini Monsters and Sago Mini Ocean Explorer in a previous episode.

Sago Mini Babies will be released on the iTunes App Store on October 8 for $2.99.

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