Humble recently spoke with IGN about their new subscription service, called the Humble Monthly Bundle, which will get you a mix of newer and older games for $12 a month. The specific game titles will be unknown until release. Humble calls the selection “A highly curated bundle of our favorite games at one fixed price. Includes everything from recent hits to hidden gems to timeless classics—every month.”

“The goal of the Humble Monthly is to present an offering of games to our audience that we normally wouldn’t be able to deliver to them,” said Robert Bowling, VP and Creative Director at Humble Bundle, in conversation with IGN. “So while the typical Humble Bundle is a fantastic way to get games you may have missed when they first came out, the Humble Monthly is a highly curated collection of our favorite games, new and classic, sent to you directly every month. The one constant is that all games will be playable on Windows PCs,” Bowling said, “But as with all Humble products, we focus on supporting as many platforms as possible.”

Another perk: 5% of the cost of the subscription will be donated to charity. If you sign up now, you’ll get Legend of Grimrock 2 immediately. The subscription goes into full effect on November 6 of this year. At least in the beginning, all of the games available will include Steam codes. Future batches may or may not be on Steam, however.

Humble added that you’ll still see the normal weekly sales along with this new subscription service. If you haven’t tried out a game bundle before, you can learn more about how they work by clicking here.

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