Square Enix released a handful of new screenshots from World of Final Fantasy today.

The game is meant to combine classic RPG gameplay with a “toy-like” aesthetic. The idea is to bring newer and younger players into the fold with a family-friendly Final Fantasy game, without alienating older fans. Players will run into familiar characters and monsters (like Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning) as they traverse the world of Grymoire with the twins Reynn and Lann.

The game has a unique stacking mechanic that increases attack power and HP, and can be used to unlock special abilities. Reynn and Lann can collect and raise friendly creatures like chocobo and tonberry, and characters like Shiva and Ifrit will return as Mirages. There will also be train travel across Grymoire.

World of Final Fantasy is coming out in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

World-of-Final-Fantasy-3-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-4-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-5-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-6-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-7-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-8-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-9-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-10-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-11-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-12-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-13-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-14-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-15-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-16-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-17-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-18-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-19-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-20-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-21-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-22-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-23-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-24-1280x723 World-of-Final-Fantasy-25-1280x723 World-of-Final-Fantasy-26-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-111-1280x720 World-of-Final-Fantasy-211-1280x720

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