Unionized voice actors who work in video games are considering going on strike to demand better compensation for their work. SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) is asking for benefits such as royalties for games that perform well. The union also wants stunt pay for motion capture and vocally stressful work. These are items that television, film, and commercial actors already receive. 

Other requests include more transparency in projects. “We propose that the actual title of the project should be made available to at least our representatives before we are asked to audition,” reads the FAQ. “Again, precedent is on our side here. You wouldn’t work on a TV show, commercial or film without knowing what part you’re playing and how it fits into the story, yet we are asked over and over again to do just that in interactive media. Our proposal also asks for the following information whenever reasonably possible: How many sessions are you expecting to book? What rating are you planning to get? Why? Is there offensive content? Will the sessions be vocally stressful? Transparency is key. We deserve to clearly know what we’re getting into before we commit to a role in a game.”

Read updated news about the strike here.

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