It’s always good when someone announces a new way to make math fun for kids. Now Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a “global learning company,” has partnered with Osmo, a company that makes toys and iPad apps that operate in both the virutal and physical worlds.  Osmo apps are cool because they bring the tactile dimension back into learning. The new game, Osmo Numbers, will incorporate elements of HMH core math programs Go Math! and Math Expressions.  

Teachers will get activity guides to help them use Osmo Numbers in the classroom. Students will be able to use Osmo to practice basic math skills and “build fluency.”

“We see strong educational value in Osmo’s inventive system,” said Mary Cullinane, Chief Content Officer, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. “Its unique combination of on-screen and off-screen activity enables users to connect with math in an exciting new way and demonstrates the power of technology to make learning more engaging. Together, HMH and Osmo are bringing a new educational experience to math learners, fusing physical play in a digital environment and strengthening the connection between home and school learning.”

A strength of the Osmo platform is that it is game-like and therefore keeps kids engaged while reducing fearfulness some kids feel when it comes to math. So kids can practice basic math skills at home while having a little fun—and be more ready for the math test in school the next day.osmo numbers-presentation fi

Not every school or home can afford an iPad, but so far Osmo Numbers is available only on the iPad. However, “…the company is looking into opportunities to expand to other devices in the future,” said an HRH spokesperson.

HRH’s Go Math! and Math Expressions are used by millions of American students, and Osmo is used in thousands of schools and homes. So this partnership should be a popular one for teachers, kids, and parents alike.


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