The LOFT (Leaders on the Fast Track) Video Game Innovation Fellowship is now accepting applications from young game designers. Created by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) and the HHF (Hispanic Heritage Foundation), the LOFT Fellowship is awarded to 20 young people from ages 15 to 25 for vision, creativity, and “their games’ potential to spur change in their communities.”

The grants will allow recipients to continue developing their games, which they will present at the White House in October. Submissions will be accepted until September 15. You can apply through the LOFT website.

“Through this creative partnership with the ESA, we are engaging youth on their terms, through video games and phone apps to make a positive social impact,” said CEO and president of HHF Jose Antonio Tijerino. “We believe there is a link from playing a video game to developing a game to computer coding, cybersecurity and other workforce skills gap areas America is desperately trying to fill. It is important minority youth are encouraged to create.”

The 2014 grantees made games addressing issues such as safe dieting techniques, teaching literacy through music, and using racing mechanics to complete algebra problems. They also made a game promoting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) career paths for women. This video highlights last year’s trip to Washington DC.


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