The PAX Indie Megabooth at PAX Prime 2015 is a big deal for indie game developers and indie game fans.  This will be Indie Megabooth’s fourth year at the convention, with more than 70 independent games featured.

Almost half of the games are making their public debut at PAX at the end of this month, said the Megabooth’s organizers. Others have been shown at other conventions or have appeared at the Megabooth in previous years. You can find the full list of games on the Megabooth website, separated by subsections: megabooth, minibooth, and tabletop.

Along with the games, the PAX Indie Megaboth will sponsor a screening of “Thank You For Playing,” a documentary about the development of That Dragon, Cancer. That Dragon, Cancer is about a father whose son is ill; it is closely based on the experiences of its developer. The screening will take place August 30 at 8 p.m. at the Sasquatch Theatre. You’ll also be able to play That Dragon, Cancer on the Megabooth floor.

PAX Prime 2015 is August 28-31 at Seattle’s Washington State Convention Center. It’s sold out. (It sells out every year within minutes of the tickets going on sale.)

PAX Prime is one of four PAX conventions worldwide. It was started in 2004 by the folks behind Penny Arcade, a popular web comic. PAX Prime and PAX East in Boston are the biggest gaming conventions in North America.  Besides the giant trade show that shows off the latest video games, PAX has panels, gaming tournaments (for both video gamers and tabletop gamers), musical performances, and more.

Pixelkin will be exploring the Indie Megabooth in depth, so keep an eye out for our PAX coverage. (You can read more about what PAX is and why you should care here.)

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