It’s all over for another year, and the Evil Geniuses have won the Grand Finals in the Dota 2 championships. The International 2015, the annual Dota 2 worldwide championship, wrapped up tonight in Seattle’s Key Arena. They beat out CDEC in three out of four matches.

The event was the biggest ever, with more than $18 million in prize money. First-place winners Evil Geniuses netted $6,616,014, while second-place finishers CDEC won $2,848,562 . “I think we’re all just super-pumped right now,” said the team’s spokesman.

In a post-show interview, the team admitted to being exhausted. They plan to “go outside and get rid of this pasty monitor tan.” Team member Fear said that he’d thanked the team for all their hard work: “We all empowered each other to play better.”

The International 2015 started August 3rd with 16 teams, and continued eliminating teams in rounds until the Evil Geniuses and CDEC qualified for the Grand Finals.

The International is sponsored by Valve Corporation, the developer of Dota 2. The first tournament was held in 2011, and the prize pool has grown steadily since then. The large Dota 2 player base (of more than half a million players) contributes to the prize pool through The Compendium each year. Players make purchases related to the game and 25% of the the proceeds go to the prize pool for The International.

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