Toy Soldiers: War Chest is a tower-defense strategy game that takes place in a children’s toy box. The units range from classic green toy soldiers to a Rainbow Brite-esque fairy and her bear minions to sci-fi and fantasy toy characters.

It’s developed by Signal Studios, and it will be released on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 11.

In Toy Soldier: War Chest you’ll place turrets at strategic locations to protect your toy box. You can upgrade these turrets throughout the game, and you can man them turrets yourself, making them a lot more effective. You can also control your hero units. Each game is a battle to protect your turrets and your toy box from the enemy units.

War Chest is the latest in a series of strategy games that focus on children’s toys. The series has gradually expanded on that concept since its 2010 debut on the Xbox Live Arcade. The original game pitted two World War I armies against each other. The original World War I army, led by “Kaiser,” is still in the game. War Chest is going to be the first game in the series that isn’t a Microsoft exclusive.

Toy Soldiers: War Chest Gameplay

There are four armies in the basic version of Toy Soldiers: War Chest. Each has its own theme and special units. This version costs $15. There are four DLC armies that you can purchase for $5 each—these include armies based on G.I. Joe and Assassin’s Creed. The Hall of Fame edition of the game is $30, and it includes all that content. No DLC necessary.

There is a single-player campaign, as well as other modes. Survival mode has the player trying to outlast waves of enemies, and the Weekly Wars give you a different objective and map every week. There will also be online multiplayer modes, as well as co-op play.

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