Might and Magic has been around for 20 years now. Does that make you feel old? I know it does me.

Besides turning 20, the Might and Magic franchise is getting a new game. Might and Magic Heroes VII is slated for release on September 29. The game has already had one closed beta, but another is scheduled to begin August 26. An official statement from Ubisoft says,”Combining a deep fantasy universe with a complete strategic experience, a rich RPG progression and a strong story narrative, Might & Magic Heroes VII offers players a more detailed world than ever to explore and conquer, including a complex economic system to master and legendary creatures to face in epic battles.”

The Might and Magic games were some of the first role-playing games on PC and helped to set the standards for role-playing and strategy games. There have been 10 main Might and Magic Games released since 1986. And that’s just the main series. Spinoffs like Crusaders of Might and Magic and Warriors of Might and Magic bring the total releases for the franchise to 30.

My personal favorite spinoff was a series of games called Heroes of Might and Magic. These were turn-based strategy games set in a fantasy universe where you would recruit an army of fantastical creatures to battle other such armies for various objectives. I still have fond memories of spending hours playing Heroes of Might and Magic. I battled goblins and demons with an army of unicorns and dwarves, trying to capture all the resources to build a castle that could withstand attack. It was unbelievably fun.

Ubisoft recently remastered Heroes of Might and Magic III for PC and mobile devices. The remaster includes HD graphics and the ability to play the game on mobile devices for the first time. Other features like the map editor and campaigns are the same as in the original game, but enhanced by the HD makeover.

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